Friday, November 1, 2013

Puppy Cam

I came home today, took of unnecessary articles of clothing (aka pants), climbed into bed, and was began playing around on the internet while I semi-watched Whip It and built up my mafia neighborhoods.

Sounds like a killer Friday night, right?
After feeling like crum for the last few days, not seeming to get any better (shout out to my ALLERGIES), teaching kindergarten for 49 days (this last one being the 49th day), and having to deal with 23 5 and 6 year olds that were sleep deprived and all hopped up on candy, I felt like I needed a break.

I found the coolest link, by accident on facebook. I was browsing some random, supposed feel good link, and I hit the feel good jackpot.


This thing literally broadcast golden retriever puppies for 12 hours of the day. How can you not feel good?????

I watched this thing for over an hour. Feel good meter restored!

If you don't like Golden Retrievers, there are many other live cams, including Great Dane cams, Kitten cams, Penguin cams, and bee cams. Its a really neat live animal resources. I can't wait to visit again and again!

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