Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Skinny Jeans

So here's the deal:

There are certain fads that I absolutely can not get behind. Harem pants are one, sweater leggings are another. Other fads just take me a long time to get on board with. Skinny jeans have taken a long time to get behind.

You have to say it Skinny Jayhnes.

A least that's according to Michael.

I finally decided that I wanted to get on the Skinny Jean train. I had tried on a pair at Old Navy prior to Christmas but seeing as I am cheap, I wouldn't pay the $34.50 for them. I just couldn't do it. So I waited and waited, agonizing over my decision to not buy the jeans and continuing to wear my jeggings from
Wal-Mart as pants.

On Saturday, the 28th, I got word from the Curvy Girl Guide that Old Navy's Rockstar Jeans were on sale for $9 and I knew I had to go hit it up. Michael and I were in the Metroplex at a family gathering, so I basically insisted that we go. Armed with Christmas money, we entered the store.

And I was disappointed. The jeans that you could buy for $9 were of the tuxedo or coated variety.


Just NO.

BUT I went ahead and picked up two pairs of dark washed skinny jeans for $19 each. Because $19 is much better than $34.50.

And then I got a cardigan for $15 (originally $29.50) and 3 lacy tank tops for $5 each (originally $12.50).

So for $73 I picked up two pairs of jeans*, a cardigan, 3 tank tops. Basically a good deal. If everything had been full price I would've spent $136.

Afterwards, I had immediate buyers remorse. Why? Because I rarely shop at retail shops for clothes. I just don't. We don't have the money in the budget and I get a much bigger bang for my buck from thrift stores, consignment shops and garage sales**.

So to combat my buyers remorse, I just ripped the tags off a pair of jeans, the cardigan, and one of the tanks.

Here's the result:

Not too bad... At least I don't think. I'm working on this whole, being okay with the way I look thing. It can be a struggle. But here's to a positive self image.

*After wearing a pair of the jeans for a day, I am only keeping one pair and returning the other. Because I don't like having to stop every 10-15 minutes to pull them up. The rockstar jeans are stretchy. If I didn't have such fat  muscular calves, I probably could've gone down a size. But I didn't and these are better than nothing. Because now Krystal can't get made at me for wearing leggings as pants. Just saying.

**Michael and I went to peruse a Goodwill Superstore near his parent's house on Monday. I tried on about 20 pairs of pants in a 3 size range, because I have learned that the size on the tag is merely a suggestion for the range in which you should be. It isn't definitive. I managed to pick up 2 pairs of dress pants, one pair of capris, a work top, and a dress all under $20. And they were all name brand clothes. This is why I feel guilty about buying clothes from a retail store. 

What do you think? Do you dig the skinny jeans? Should I take both pairs back? Sound off in the comments!

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