Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2014
This is the first year that I have blogged my New Year's resolutions. I was reading a new blog that I found and I was inspired by Nicole, to create this list. I adored her list--she broke it down into categories that will help her keep track of things. I've kept some of her categories and I've altered some of them to fit for me.
In 2014, I will:
Have 200+ visitors each month
host or co-host a link-up
Increase my bloglovin followers to 10
Finally have at least 30 followers on my facebook page.
Go back to Lubbock
Attend a Texas Tech Football game
Travel outside of my normal radius and see something new
Date my Husband at least once a month
Visit with my extended family at least once every 3 months
Have a girl's night every month
Finish painting my house
Complete items on my 30before30 list
Macbook Pro
Masked Rider Cowboy Boots
Headboard for my bed
New bedding and towels
Advocare 24 day challenge
Vera Bradley Bag
An electric blanket
Decorations for the house
MONTHLY RESOLUTIONSJanuary – commit to working out 3 days a week
February - commit to working out 4 days a week
March - No spend March
April - host a big Easter dinner at my house
May - be more responsible with church responsibilities
June -  commit to working out 5 days a week
July - Actually celebrate my anniversary and not let the anniversary of my mom's death bother me
August - Have my classroom ready to go BEFORE meet the teacher
September - Complete at least one item from my 30before30 list
October - Actually decorate for Fall
November - Participate in Nanowrimo and actually finish it
December - Be less bahumbuggy about the holidays than I was this year.
What do you think of my list? Good? Bad? Ridiculous? Outrageous? Admirable? 
Did you make resolutions for 2014? If so, leave a comment and tell me about it!

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