Monday, February 17, 2014

All over Texas… in a day

When I was fresh out of high school, with the air of freedom and 4 wheels and gas money, I would get in my car and go.

Most of the time, we took simple trips to Dallas or we would drive down back roads exploring. 

When I was off at college, I would take random trips to the middle of West Texas nowhere to see the stars and cure my homesickness (it was on one of these trips in the middle of winter that Michael says that's when he knew he loved me). 

And there was the one time that late on a Friday night, my college roommate and friend and I decided to go to Roswell the next day. Because we could. 

There was also the time that I got a random invite to float the river in New Braunsfel and left withing hours of receiving the call. 

All this to say that I like to take spontaneous trips. Although its something that I had lost recently. I no longer took random trips--I was in a stalemate, seeing nothin new, staying in one place. This changed on Valentine's weekend. Michael and I took a day trip to the Texas coast town of Galveston. 

Michael didn't even know where we were going until an hour into the trip. He was still under the crazy assumption that we were going pillow shopping. 

It took us 4 hours and 3 stops to arrive.  But it was so worth it... Once we found parking along the see wall. 

We spent a couple of hours walking along the beach, exploring, and lounging. Although it was chilly, the trip couldn't have been more perfect. 

For my first time to ever see the beach/ocean/gulf, I couldn't have planned it better! We enjoyed the sights, and all for the cost of the gas to travel there, the $3 to park, my McDonalds dinner (Michael had GF sandwiches in a cooler), and the souvenirs we got to remember the trip by. 

I'm hoping that we will be able to do more trips like this. It strengthened our relationship and helped relieve stress. Have you ever taken a spontaneous trip? 

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