Monday, March 10, 2014

The one when Annie had to go on a diet...

This is my precious baby Annie:

She is insanely precious.

Annie, according to the vet, is a good 20-30 pounds over her ideal weight. (story of my life) Normally, Michael and I would be just fine with our happy, cuddly puppy. BUT happy, cuddly puppy has a hernia. Apparently, dogs can get those. Combined with her beginning stages of the 'thritis (as Michael lovingly refers to it) she has to take some weight off. Like 20-30 pounds off.

Dogs can also need teeth cleaning (which happened today), and can have gum infections (requiring 48 days worth of very expensive antibotics)

But let's get back to the doggy diet.

She has been prescribed Hill's Science Diet Metabolism food. Basically, she has to be fed a measured amount of food (gasp. shock. life changer.)  and is restricted to two treats from the diet program. Most of you out there are probably thinking that this is no big deal, but in our house, it is.

In addition to all of this, she is being measured and weighed every one-two weeks at the vet's office. She has had her before pictures taken, and we are looking forward to our journey.

Next step is adding exercise. 

Just like a person.

Who better live furever.

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