Wednesday, September 24, 2014

That Town.

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When I met my husband (at the airport!) we both marveled about how we were from small towns. And then he told me where he was from.

Sure. a Texas 4A high school and minutes from Ft. Worth. That's a SMALL town. Or so he thought.

I grew up in a TINY Texas town. Nestled between to slightly bigger towns on a major interstate, south of Dallas, you find MY hometown of Rice.

That's right. RICE.

I don't live there anymore. But after 8 years of avoiding the area, I came home to one of those slightly bigger towns that Rice was nestled between. And as much as I loathe being here and away from a metropolitan area, I love being back too.

But here are somethings about my hometown:

1. When I graduated high school, we had the biggest graduating class at the time of 50 people.

2. My sister and I didn't go to the same high school... because our town didn't have one yet.

3. The roads are dangerous. Seriously. They were paved once upon a time, but now if it rains pretty good you can go fishing from them.

4. There are no stop lights.

5. The Sonic that has been there for the last couple of years is the only fast food restaurant in town. In fact, its now the only restaurant in town.

6. I can remember when there was a soda shop, antique store, and laundromat in the downtown area.

7. Nothing was ever open in our town, and if it was it was closed by 8pm. (See song above. Its kind of like my tribute to my hometown).

8. It's home. And no matter how hard I try to escape it, I always find my way back. And usually on Thursdays for Father-Daughter-Granddaughter date nighs.

What's something that you can recall about your hometown?

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