Monday, October 20, 2014

It's happening...

Yesterday, Krystal and I went and had sushi and then to Spirit Halloween Store so she could pick up a costume for Storybook character day at her campus. I saw the PERFECT Halloween costume, except it was $50... And not anywhere near my size. I was upset, but I resolved to come up with a solution. I had gotten as far as a plan that included an oversized shirt, leggings, and puffy paint. 

So I turned to the internet which seemed like it was going to be a bust. But then I went to Hot Topic's website. I knew this was going to have one or two outcomes--either I was going to be crying from happiness or from hopelessness (thanks hormones!!!) but I persisted. After being slightly delayed by TARDIS slip on shoes (think TOMS), I found what I was looking for. And in my size! I couldn't believe it. And then, as I was caught up in my frenzy, trying to frantically order this because WHAT IF THEY RUN OUT OF MY SIZE?!, Michael walked in to check on me. I showed him what I was ordering, and he innocently asked me "Does this mean that I have to be insert character name to your insert character name

And then I died. Not really, but I did burst into tears out of happiness. And then there were tears, hugs, more tears, and snot.

So I added Michael's costume to my cart. When I tried to check out, the Hot Topic website failed me. I couldn't get the website to load on my iDevice. I moved on to the living room, switched to a computer, wrestled with the website accepting gift cards (which it wouldn't), and finally got PayPal to go through.

But finally I got my confirmation page, which the guarantee that I will have my order in time for Halloween. And I am beyond excited. In fact, I don't think I have been this excited about a Halloween costume since around the third grade. Incidently, I went as the same thing that year as I am going to be this year. I'm even more excited to be able to go dig out the accessories from the original costume (yes, I still have them, no judgements please!)--it's going to be perfect!!

If you didn't know me back then or if your memory sucks, I'll leave you with this clue. Once I receive my package, I'll reveal it.

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