Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Endometriosis Update

 I wrote here about the silent suffering I've been going through. I try to not let it get me down, but this last Friday aka Halloween, it was bad. People at work told me that I should put some pep in my step. But I just didn't have any to give. Thankfully, I made it through the day.

On Thursday, I went to the see the specialist in his swanky Dallas office. After a consultation and exam, it's been decided that I will once again have a laparoscopy and hysterecopy. December's surgery will make the fourth one that I have had in the last six years. In fact, it'll be the seventh surgery since 2007, the 6th abdominal surgery. Michael jokes around that I have few organs left that can be removed.

Dr. Putman believes it's time for a clean up, and I also have a cyst the size of a tennis ball in my left ovary. Between now and December it will either grow or burst. It's causing a portion of my discomfort (which is rendering me bedridden and loopy, not the meds). If it's still there, he'll drain it, but I'll know before the surgery if it ruptures. If it does you find me crying and clutching the heating pad. 


I had to call Friday to schedule the surgery, and was able to do it for a time that will minimize the amount of time I'm off work. It's going to be on December 16th. I'll miss 3 1/2 days of work, plus have the 2 weeks of Christmas vacation to recover. I'll have to get most of my holiday shopping and decorating done early this year.

I am a little defeated about this one--typically I have between 20-24 months between surgeries from my endometriosis/adhesions. First was in December 2008, then September 2010 (21 months), June 2013 (33 months), and now December 2014 (18 months). Dr. Putman did say it's usually 18-22 months between these things, and I'll be right at 18 months... Almost to the day.

The other discouraging piece of information was Dr. Putman telling me that we need to start saving up for fertility treatments (which my health insurance will not cover). I'm vaguely aware how much these things cost, and oh my word.

If you've undergone fertility treatment (and were either successful or unsuccessful) how did you pay for it? Did it require turning tricks? A second mortgage? Leave a comment and let me know! I'm very curious!



  1. So very sorry to hear you have to have yet another surgery. That must be so frustrating and so draining. Your doctor is wise to tell you to start saving. When we first got married, we started saving the majority of my salary and living mostly off my husband's. The plan was to save like that for a year and then used that money so I could be a stay-at-home mom. HA! But we were glad we did that because that's how we paid for a lot of our infertility treatments. I'm not sure what your work situation is, but if you and your husband both work, save as much of one person's salary as you can. Also, some fertility clinics offer "shared risk" packages which give you discounts if you pay for multiple treatments at once. Some drug companies offer rebates, which you should definitely take advantage of. And definitely ask your doctor if they have any financial aid available or if he knows of any local grant sources. A lot of people also do fundraising. Check around on Pinterest for fundraising ideas (search for adoption fundraiser ideas, too- a lot of them could also be used for infertility fundraising).

    1. Lisa, those are some excellent ideas. Unfortunately, saving as much of one income is a feasible option right now because we only have my I come right now. I really like the idea of looking on Pinterest and grants. Unfortunately my very skilled doctor does not take any sort of payment plans for anything. It all has to be done up front, it I'm lucky to have him. He's one of the best in the area. While its frustrating and inconvenient, it's also a really smart plan for his business.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!