Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I'n suffering from intense pain from my endo/cyst/adhesions which means I have an overwhelming amount of time to sit and just chill. Because it's obviously hard to sometimes even stand. But we are down to 14 days from my surgery and I can't wait. I noticed today there are some things that have been bothering me, so I'd figure I'd share.

1. Cyber bullying 
I love the Internet and the community that it can bring, but seriously let's stop with the cyber bullying. I'm a member of a 3000+ community on Facebook, which is awesome (Holiday card exchange, secret Santa, etc) but sometimes it's too much. It's supposed to be a community that is supportive of each other, but lately there has been a large amount of catty fights, breaking people down, and accusing people of asking advantage of others. And then there are the nasty fights about the leggings are not pants debate. To be honest it's like being back and high school and well... PASS. Grow up and act civilized on the Internet. Please.

2. My bank is dumb.
My local branch of Bank of America has been sold to a local regional bank, which is fine. I figured I would just keep doing my banking on the Internet because debit cards and smartphones have drastically reduced the need for me to use a teller, or even an ATM. Bank of America has been great and lots of accounts are linked and payments drawn. And I decided that if I absolutely needed to go to a teller, I could drive to Ennis. But I got an email telling me that my account will automatically transfer to the the new bank. EXCUSE ME?! No!!!!! So now I have to fight with the bank, because they feel they can make choices for me. Not going to work. I'm like one of the final five cylons--- I'm rogue, with my own agenda.

3. Online shopping
I usually don't do my holiday gift shopping online. I like to physically pick out items, support brick and mortar store, and I like the instant gratification from getting to take the item with me. But this year I did all my shopping on Amazon. With the exception of a couple of things that were sold out or sold out before I checked out, I'm done shopping. But now I have to wait for my items, all of which were paid for as one big transaction but charged on my card as 5 smaller transactions and will ship as 5 different packages.

And I am also upset about price gouging on items. I was looking at ordering a certain item in a certain color. However, the certain preferred color is $20  more than the two other colors and currently out of stock. Bah!

What is your current first world problems?

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