Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3 things for 3/3/15


1. I'm still here. I know that I haven't written since before my surgery almost 3 months ago. I take that back. I have written things, but they have been sitting in my drafts folder wasting away. (There are like 4 of those Happy New Years posts that I never could finish...). I keep thinking of things to write about while usually walking around. I tell myself that that would make an absolutely awesome blog post. And then it never happens.

2. I'm thankful for honest people. I feel like we live in a world where there aren't a lot of people who value honesty and integrity anymore. Just a feeling ya know. But anyways, I was shocked tonight when my engagement ring was turned in at the YMCA. It fell out of my bag when I got my car keys out. (Please don't tell me to leave me rings on... my hands swell and well look like fat sausages and hurt). When I discovered this a couple of hours later, I went basically full on two year old tantrum. I freaked out because it means so much to me. Thankfully, my husband is level headed- he hugged me, made me call the Y (yay! ring found), and drove me to retrieve it. He also came up with a decent solution to my problem. So, basically, he is the coolest.

3. Trying to fix a toddler's hair sucks. Miss L spent the night with Sheshy (me!) and Michael on Saturday. I managed to get everybody dressed, hair did (pfft), and feed and out the door in an hour. I still don't understand this because it takes that long to just get me ready on a regular morning. Anyways, I was subjected to the task of subduing the curls. OH My. No. I can barely do my own hair. Baby fine hair of a two year old who like to move it move it... no. My apologies to everyone who had to see my poor niece and her hair on Sunday. Pray we have boys.

That's all for now, but hopefully I'll be posting more.

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