Thursday, July 30, 2015

A little too much information...

I love cell phones, especially with current technologies. I went from being able to call and play snake to calling and texting with bowling and ended up here with Internet access, face timing, calling, texting, candy crush, and clash of clans. In fact, I'm writing this on my phone RIGHT now as my sister speeds down the highway. 

I don't like cell phones because they've allowed us to become these rude people absorbed in our own little universe, not caring about the people around us. Michael and I try to limit phone time when  we are explicitly spending time together. I also really try to have my phone up during meals. My dad hates them out when we are visiting--he wants to spend time with us... Not the top of our heads. 

That being said, as rude people in our own universe, we need to think about what we say on our phones and were we are. Example--I left the doctors office yesterday and had two phones ringing (mine and my dad's) as I waited for the elevator. I answered one and gave my sister the other because I'm good but I'm not that good. But what I didn't do was get on the elevator and carry on these conversations in there. Because rude. I also waited to deliver any information about the phone calls I had received or anything about my doctors appointment until I reached the car. That way I wasn't sharing information with the world. I was sharing it with the people who needed to know. 

Late yesterday afternoon I went and had some blood drawn for my doctor. As my sister and I were roaming around looking for the office, we were greeted by a very pregnant, loud woman on her cell phone. She made an incredibly cute pregnant woman. But I cringed when she was over sharing about how dilated she was and that her cervix was this amount thinned out. NO THANK YOU! 

Shouldn't that have been a conversation for her car? I didn't need to know any of that. But I am sure she didn't even think twice before she hopped on her cell phone to overshare these details with us. 

Do you over share in public? 


  1. Enjoying your blogs! To answer your question, no I never share too personal or any medical info in public or on social media. In my opinion, there's a time & place for that & not everyone needs to hear it. Facebook is for celebrating or good cheer not for personal info.

    1. I'm always very hesitant about putting it on facebook as a status. But if people want to take the time to click over to my blog, then they can know my business :) Thanks for reading!