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Have you ever seen the movie called The Blindside? It features Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw as a couple who adopts a young man who turns out to be a great football player named Michael Oher. Oher, an immensely talented offensive lineman, played guard and left tackle for Ole Miss. I saw Oher playing with Ole Miss in the 2009 Cotton Bowl against Texas Tech. Ole Miss won but that is neither here nor there. 

As left tackle, Oher's job was to protect the quarterback's blindside. The blindside is the side of the offensive like that the quarterback is facing away from when he's in the pocket. The left tackle (if you have a right handed quarterback)  keeps the quarterback safe because he can't see the impact coming.
I feel like a quarterback whose left tackle failed, who was sacked in the pocket. In other words, I was blindsided.

I was blindsided by unexpected pain. Officially, I was pain free for approximately 7 months and 4 days. From the day I had surgery until about 3-4 days ago. There were slight tinges here and there, some discomfort with certain activities. But then I started feeling off. The pain in my lower abdomen had to be sore muscles from going to CrossFit. Then I chalked the intense pain in my lower abdomen to those sit-ups I had been doing...because when have I been known to doing sit-ups? I even went so far to think that the pain was me pulling on adhesions; after all, the pain was awfully close to the incision site of my last surgery.

Then came the intense hormonal surges. I was craving everything from french fries to chocolate shakes. Annie was thankful for that craving... it meant she got a car ride AND frozen yogurt from Braums.

She loved this summertime treat!!

Along with the cravings came the uncontrollable crying. You know that crying that happens when you see anything that might be a little bit sweet? Yeah. It happened. And I've been like a blubbering idiot, especially when I saw this commercial. 

Did you cry? Admit it. You did.

So with the cravings, the crying, and pain that morphed into cramps I became a bit concerned. I wasn't pregnant (I peed on enough things to confirm that...) and then I started spotting. And then the pain got worse. It was in my lower abdomen and lower back, making it difficult to move and sleep. Finally, I took some medicine that was left over from my surgery to help me sleep. I had to do that on Monday and Tuesday.

I had to attend Pelvic Floor Therapy on Wednesday (more on this later...) and had to have my sister drive me. I knew that it wasn't safe for me to drive. We went to Waxahachie and stopped by Target so I could pick up Michael's anniversary gift.  If you know me, you know I adore Target and could spend hours there. It was a struggle to get what I needed... I didn't even linger to peruse the school supplies or get a Starbucks Mocha Latte. I could barely walk upright from the pain--I had to grab ahold of my sister more than once. 

We got to PFT and I was almost immediately sent to the ER.  The PA was very concerned, I was crying uncontrollably and I couldn't even lay my legs straight. Could you, if it felt like you had knives stabbing you in your lower stomach? Probably not. After conferring with the doctor, she sent me to the ER at the hospital next door. I was very resistant and with good cause. I've had some rough experiences with my endo/cysts--most of the time I am given some advil and basically told to suck it up. 

But Baylor Scott and White Waxahachie surprised me. And so did my sister. She was absolutely wonderful through the entire experience, hanging with me when Michael couldn't be there because he had to work. After waiting for around an hour, I was taken back to a room, given a gown, and saw the PA. She took me very seriously--I think she had too. When she pushed down on my stomach and made me scream and cry out in pain, well, she knew something was up. She ordered blood work and pain medicine. It was fantastic to get some relief. I also had the most amazing nurse--Julianna. She was kind and compassionate and did a wonderful job!

I also had two ultrasounds- a regular one and a transvaginal one. Results showed that I have ovarian cysts on both ovaries. Awesome. That totally explains things. Those buggers are painful. 

After receiving another dose of pain medicine-this time naproxen sodium instead of a narcotic, I was sprung with a prescription that I have been faithfully taking since we left the ER. I was instructed to follow-up with one of my 3 OBGYNs (one regular, one urogynecologist, one reproductive endocrinologist). 

I called Dr. Putman's office on Thursday morning and have scheduled an appointment with him for Wednesday morning. We will see where we will go from here. I'm not completely sure what the next step is, but I have prayed and prayed about this. I know that I can't continue living with the status quo and continuing to hurt. Its time to move on to the next stage.

I'll keep you posted.

This is part one in a series of posts that chronicle the latest installment of my struggle with infertility and endometriosis. This series does contain medical information. I am sharing my story so that others who may experience struggles of infertility know that they are not alone in your struggles. 

You can read part two here.

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