Wednesday, September 16, 2015

On the road to surgery: Week 2

This is part three in a series of posts that chronicle the latest installment of my struggle with infertility and endometriosis. This series does contain medical information. I am sharing my story so that others who may experience struggles of infertility know that they are not alone in your struggles. You can read part one here and part two here

Thank you to all of you who have read this, and who have asked me how I am doing. Right now, that's a day by day, moment by moment call. I appreciate each and everyone of your comments and questions.

This next week was full of disbelief and hilarity. At this point, all I could do was laugh at my situation--I knew if I didn't laugh, I'd get depressed and I didn't want to be depressed. So I found laughter in the weirdest of situations. Again, you are warned...this contains medical information and is probably an overshare...

July 29, 2015- I had my initially appointment with Dr. Putman today. My sister accompanied me on this trip as Michael was working, and we didn't want to put off the appointment. We sat in his office for the fertility consultation in which he described his plan--blood work to check hormone levels, an analysis for my husband, and then an ultrasound to see if I was ovulating correctly. I mentioned my cysts to him and he wasn't concerned. As we sat in his office, he acted causally about the cysts (he hadn't seen them yet!) and was more interested in laying out the plan to go forward with fertility treatment.  He finally did an ultrasound, during which he momentarily mistook my cyst for my bladder. He asked if I had emptied my bladder. I had. Apparently, he thought the ginormous cyst was my bladder. Wrong. Once he saw the size of the cyst, he changed his tune. It had grown from the ER visit--it was now 7.5cm. His immediate focus shifted from fertility treatment to treating the cyst. I left with five days of a birth control pill to shrink the cyst, orders for blood work, and an appointment for Michael.

*Fun Fact*: I learned that 40% of infertility issues are actually the result of male issues. 

July 30, 2015- I had a previously schedule procedure with a uro-gynecologist who had been treating my holistically for an overactive bladder caused from nerve damage as a result of my stage 4 endometriosis. Dr. Carley performed the cystoscopy (the numbing medicine is a LIE!) and mistook my cyst for my uterus due to its size. That's two doctors who were confused by my cyst. He did tell me that the cyst was pushing down like a baby pushing down on the bladder. So there's that.

*Fun Fact*: Teachers and nurses are the most frequent patients in a uro-gynecologist's office. Teachers suffer because they can't go on a regular schedule, nurses suffer because they don't go because they are too consumed with their tasks.

August 3, 2015- Michael had his appointment. Results would be ready by the end of the week.

That's all for tonight. I keep thinking about how the doctor's kept confusing the cyst for other body parts. Thinking and laughing. Just keep laughing.

Up next: On the road to surgery: Week 3.We find out the results of ALL the tests. Brace yourself for good news. And bad.

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