Sunday, October 11, 2015

On the road to surgery: Week 4 & 5

This is part four in a series of posts that chronicle the latest installment of my struggle with infertility and endometriosis. This series does contain medical information. I am sharing my story so that others who may experience struggles of infertility know that they are not alone in your struggles. You can read part one here, part two herepart three here,  and part four here

Just as a reminder, these posts contain medical information. I'm also way oversharing here, but I don't care--I hope that one day this reaches one person and their lives are changed for the better.

August 17, 2015- Today was my first full day back to work. We had convocation and mini-workshops the whole day. The worst part was trying to sit through the workshops in the hard chairs and having to run to the restroom every 45 minutes. The cyst was pushing on my bladder making it difficult to not run to the bathroom all the time.

My pre-op appointment was today. I drove us there in random down bursts of heavy rain. I had planned to stop in Wilmer-Hutchins to go to the bathroom but because of the rainstorms we didn't have time. I literally barely made it to the doctor's office building. Michael had to park the car while I sprinted to the bathroom. How embarrassing.

Over all, the pre-op went well. The cyst continued to grow (shocker) and Dr. Putman used the word tumor to describe it. That scared me. Tumor. I had never had anything like that even be a possibility. But he used the word tumor and I had plenty of time to start freaking out.

August 21,2015- Tonight was Meet the Teacher. I got to meet 18 of my 20 babies (so exciting!) The prospect of my new third graders kept me going.

August 24, 2015- First day of school went well. I did have some problems with stamina but found that as along as I didn't lose steam and sit down I would be okay.

August 26,2015- Today was my last day before my surgery with my babies. They were all very sad and worried about me. Thankfully, I was able to leave them in great hands with my sub and my team.

After we played phone tag, I had a lengthy discussion with the anesthesiologist when he called to talk about the surgery (this is standard on an outpatient surgery).  I let him know about my asthma, my inability to breathe after coming out of anesthesia, and how in December I was an incredibly hard stick and had to be put under before I got an IV. He was excellent--made the plan that he would start my IV himself and that he would check my chart to check the medications to adjust as necessary.

And then it was time...

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